Medical and Safety Services

Government hospitals

Dubai Hospital – +971 4 271 4444

Rashid Hospital – +971 4 337 1111

Private hospitals

Belhoul Speciality Hospital – +971 4 214 0257

American Hospital – +971 04 3367777

Zulekha Hospital – +971 4 2678866

American Dental Clinic – +971 4 3440668

Emergency numbers

Ambulance & Police – 999

Fire – 997

Healthcare and Medical facilities

The general standard of healthcare in the UAE is high, both in the public and private sectors, although private hospitals have some distinct advantages (predominantly English-speaking, less waiting time, less cultural restrictions).


Medical facilities are of a very high quality but are extremely expensive. Private health insurance is essential.


Pharmacies are open Saturday-Thursday from 08:30-13:30 and 16:30-22:30, Fridays 16:30-22:30. Quite a few are open 24 hours.


There is no special precaution against such diseases as yellow fever, cholera or malaria.


Immunisation against polio and Hepatitis A are sometimes advised; typhoid occurs in rural areas. Hepatitis B is endemic. Rabies is present close to the border with Oman, for those at high risk, vaccination before arrival should be considered. If you are bitten by a spider or a suspicious insect, seek medical advice without delay.